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Asia Pacific Standing Cocktail
BBQ Deluxe
Churro Station
Classic Set Dinner Menu
Coastal Bliss 4-Course Plated Dinner
Coastal Bliss Cake Pops
Coastal Bliss Carmel Road Pinot Noir Pairing
Coastal Bliss Cocktail Party
Coastal Bliss Cupcakes
Coastal Bliss Longboat Sauvignon Blanc Pairing
Coastal Bliss Mini Cakes
Coastal Bliss Murphy-Goode Merlot Pairing
Coastal Bliss Murphy-Goode Pinot Grigio Pairing
Coastal Bliss Signature Cocktail
Coastal Bliss Wedding Cake
Colonial Charm 4-Course Plated Dinner
Colonial Charm Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing
Colonial Charm Cake Pops
Colonial Charm Chardonnay Pairing
Colonial Charm Cocktail Party
Colonial Charm Cupcakes
Colonial Charm Kendall-Jackson Riesling Pairing
Colonial Charm Mini Cakes
Colonial Charm Signature Cocktail
Colonial Charm Valadorna Red Wine Blend Pairing
Colonial Charm Wedding Cake
Elegant Set Dinner Menu
Exotic Set Menu
Gourmet Brunch
Grand Set Menu
Ice Cream Station
International Family Style
Italian Family Style
Kendall Jackson Wine & Cheese Party
La Crema Wine and Cheese Party
Mac and Cheese Station
Majestic Flair 4-Course Plated Dinner
Majestic Flair Cake Pops
Majestic Flair Cocktail Party
Majestic Flair Cupcakes
Majestic Flair Freemark Abbey Cabernet Pairing
Majestic Flair Freemark Abbey Chardonnay Pairing
Majestic Flair Mini Cakes
Majestic Flair Sauvignon Blanc Pairing
Majestic Flair Signature Cocktail
Majestic Flair Wedding Cake
Majestic Flair Yangarra Shiraz Pairing
Mashed Potato Bar
Mexican Family Style
Mexican Fiesta Standing Cocktail Party
Murphy-Goode Wine and Cheese Party
Pasta Station
Petit Brunch
Pure Glamour 4-Course Plated Dinner
Pure Glamour Cake Pops
Pure Glamour Cocktail Party
Pure Glamour Cupcakes
Pure Glamour Hartford Court Chardonnay Pairing
Pure Glamour Hartford Court Pinot Noir Pairing
Pure Glamour Hartford Court Zinfandel Pairing
Pure Glamour Mini Cakes
Pure Glamour Sauvignon Blanc Pairing
Pure Glamour Signature Cocktail
Pure Glamour Wedding Cake
Smores Party Standing Cocktail
Sophisticated Soiree 4-Course Plated Dinner
Sophisticated Soiree Byron Pinot Noir Pairing
Sophisticated Soiree Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing
Sophisticated Soiree Cake Pops
Sophisticated Soiree Cambria Chardonnay Pairing
Sophisticated Soiree Cocktail Party
Sophisticated Soiree Cupcakes
Sophisticated Soiree Mini Cakes
Sophisticated Soiree Sauvignon Blanc Pairing
Sophisticated Soiree Signature Cocktail
Sophisticated Soiree Wedding Cake
Taco Station
The Deluxe Standing Cocktail
Three Course Dinner - Beef
Three Course Dinner - Choice Beef
Three Course Dinner - Choice Poultry
Three Course Dinner - Fish & Seafood
Three Course Dinner - Lamb
Three Course Dinner - Pasta
Three Course Dinner - Pork
Three Course Dinner - Poultry
Three Course Dinner - Surf & Turf
Three Course Dinner - Vegetarian
Vintage Elegance 4-Course Plated Dinner
Vintage Elegance Cake Pops
Vintage Elegance Cocktail Party
Vintage Elegance Cupcakes
Vintage Elegance Il Fauno Red Wine Blend Pairing
Vintage Elegance La Crema Chardonnay Pairing
Vintage Elegance Mini Cakes
Vintage Elegance Sauvignon Blanc Pairing
Vintage Elegance Signature Cocktail
Vintage Elegance St. Emillion Red Pairing
Vintage Elegance Wedding Cake
Viva La Roma Standing Cocktail Party


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